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About Rebob

Rebob is a Bay Area illustrator/ artist who loves food, fashion, and everyday beauties that she comes across in her encounters with people, places, and moments. 


The inspirations come from chance encounters with strangers who cheer for a baby's wobbly first steps, a crisp breeze of air carrying the fresh smell of hand dripped coffee, a backyard party with a group of friends, or a color popping skirt of a fashion-forward passer-by.


A sketchbook, a mini palette, a couple water brushes, and a micron pen are her extended self that follow wherever she goes, turning the transient moments into bite-size mementos.


Rebob's works are often described to be lighthearted yet elegant, full of life yet soothing and they can be found on a variety of places, including Social medias, Harper's Bazaar Korea, Numorous numbers of brands - fashion and lifestyle related, and many types of products including a form of a dog pillow.


If you live in the bay area and you come across someone sketching her food in the speed of life , you might have found Rebob in action.

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